There is life away from the studios. The high performing rock stars you see on stage are good cooks and chefs.

If not, they also need to have good homemade meals. Are you a rock star and struggling to prepare meals you admire in a restaurant?

You only need to equip yourself with kitchen secrets to ensure you have the sumptuous meals you admire in people’s homes or restaurants.

Where to start to become a professional chef

  • Have a passion for cooking
  • Invest in the right kitchen appliances
  • Get a mentor to hold your hand
  • Enroll in physical or online classes
  • Start with simple recipes
  • Grow as you solve the challenges

There is no straightforward way of becoming a chef. The busy lifestyle that comes with being a musician is a hindrance.

But still, you have to eat. Why not do it as your pass time? Enjoy being in the kitchen as a deviatory tactic away from the musical instruments.

Why should rock star musicians love the kitchen?

  • Boosts their creativity skills
  • Enhances social interaction through family bonding
  • Creates meditative experience
  • Creates a sense of happiness
  • Helps to stay active
  • Promotes one’s self-image

The kitchen is a fun and exciting place to be. Making your meals that your family and guests appreciate boosts your self-esteem.

You need that personality as a rock start to face the hurdles that come with the career.

However, with all these, you need to equip yourself with the right tips that save you time and money without compromising the quality of the meals.

Have a look at some of them

  1. Invest in kitchen appliances and utensils

You can do anything in the kitchen if you have the right tools. Look at a knife, as simple as it may sound; you need to have several knives to serve different purposes.

Invest in knife sets that you can use anytime while in the kitchen. A knife set has all kinds of blades to get the correct slice pieces at whatever time.

At the end of the day, you need to relax. In that state, a bowl of popcorns for your movie night serves the purpose. 

  • You can only have them at home with a popcorn maker.

In case you choose a stimulant like coffee, then an automatic espresso machine guarantees you a constant supply of the drink as you relax the body and mind.

Everything you might need is readily available in the market, including the lemon squeezer. With the right tools, kitchen activities are fun and fast.

  • Do bulk grocery shopping.

Do you have the time to go to the grocery store every time? The kitchen is a side hassle; your main business is your music career.

Therefore, you need to spend minimal time in the kitchen as you strive to take a balanced and healthy diet.

Nothing disgusts as craving a meal only to notice you lack the right ingredients. Rock star celebrities should be useful planners.

As you plan your family time, go for grocery shopping together. Buy a lot of them and freeze to maintain their nutritional content.

  • Use spices and seasoning moderately.

As much as herbs, spices, and seasoning have health benefits, too much of their usage creates an acidic environment that promotes excess stomach acid leading to ulcers.

The secret is to use them in moderation, if not small quantities. You also need not use all of them in all foods. Vary them to a have a difference in food taste.

  • Use color to diversify the taste.

What chefs don’t tell us is that the color effect in fruits and vegetables depicts the diversity in nutritional content.

Apart from the physical outlook that makes the food attractive, it’s also an appetizer. The color effect in food has the following effects

  • Improves the flavor of the meals
  • Attracts people with poor appetite
  • Boosts the food taste
  • Enhances the quality of food
  • Develops one’s curiosity and further appearance for taste
  • Diversity the meal plans

If you are deficient in planning for meals, then use technology to your advantage. There are several available meal plans which help you to know what to cook at what time.

It allows you to ensure you consume a healthy and balanced diet all the time. However, you can also diversify what to cook.

They may be in the same food category but different foods, although you get the same nutrient.

Meal plans come with the following advantages

  • Supports your weight loss goals
  • Ensure you get all the body’s nutrition requirement
  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces food wastage
  • Promotes portion control
  • Promotes physical and emotional health
  • Have cooking hacks at your fingertips

There are different ways of doing things in the kitchen. Some are faster while others take time, but the result is the overall determinant.

Do rock star celebrities have time? No. Kitchen hacks come in handy for them to save time as they also enjoy home-cooked meals. Here are a few they can use

  • Rise butter faster using a microwave
  • Shell boiled eggs by placing it in a jaw with water and shake
  • Pierce a banana and fill in chocolate for poor banana eaters
  • Put fish on top of lemons in a grill to prevent it from sticking- it also adds flavor
  • Use cooking spray to remove ingredients from your cooking pots
  • Cool wine by wrapping in a towel and place in a freezer for ten minutes

What is your limitation to be in the kitchen to prepare delicious quick-fix meals?

These are things you rarely learn at the culinary school but from your interaction with the kitchen tools. Balance your rock music career with family by using these tricks and enjoy a well-balanced diet.