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About the founder

I, John Cohen, the founder of The Static Jacks, realized how ignorant people are when it comes to rock music.

My lifetime stays in the United States; the origin of Rock and dull music proves to you of my passion for this type of music.

In this blog, we have to inform you of the latest trends in the industry.

Music is not entertainment when it lacks some gossips about your favorite Rock stars.

I guess you love hearing the sad and beautiful stories behind these celebrities.

Among other music genres, rock music profoundly influences fashion trends, our attitude towards life, and our daily lifestyle.

As much as some religious leaders tend to look at secular music from a wrong perspective; the message in rock music directly talks to you.

Try this at home one day when you have had a rough day, and you are low in spirit.

Try and replace your favorite gospel music with rock music. You’ll have a different story to tell.

Who is Who


  • Elton John
  • Mark E Smith
  • Jack Bruce
  • Billy Idol
  • Peter Frampton
  • Ian Astbury

We are a one-stop blog on all matters of rock music. We are here to inform you of all that happens in this industry.


Blog posts

Culinary Secrets Relevant to Rock Star Celebrities

There is life away from the studios. The high performing rock stars you see on stage are good cooks and chefs. If not, they also need to have good homemade meals. Are you a rock star and struggling to prepare meals you admire in a restaurant? You only need to equip...

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances for Rock Stars

Being a rock star goes way beyond merely recording albums and playing in sold-out musical concerts. There’s also a partying aspect to them. Like every other music artist, rock stars are socialites who attract lots of people; family, friends, and fans. Many of them are...

Legendary Rock Musicians and Bands

legendary musicians and bandsSince rock and roll became recognized as a separate genre, some various musicians and bands contributed in one way or another. They include Chuck Berry, Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Led...

Rock Music in our Daily Life

Rock music in our daily lifeRock music for mental acuity The rhythm of rock music has an internal effect on improving and sharpening the ability of the listener to focus on the issue at hand. When stressed or depressed, this is the kind of music to listen to. Rock...

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